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18 Jan

Council Post: How accurate is Implicit Association Test in analysing consumer behaviour

The field of marketing has benefited immensely from the breakthroughs in behavioural science — an amalgamation of social sciences, psychology, and anthropology. The marketers leverage insights gleaned from customer behaviour and purchasing patterns to design targeted campaigns. Implicit Association Test is a popular behavioural science tool used in marketing. Ideated in 1995, the psychological test […]
29 Nov

Study: Impact of Behavioural Science and Data Science on Consumer Behaviour

A new report released by AIM Research and Hansa Cequity studies how and to what extent organisations in India leverage behavioural science and data science to analyse consumer behaviour across different industries and functions.  The report titled “Impact of Behavioural Science and Data Science on Consumer Behaviour” also dives into the connection between behavioural and…